User will fill out the KYC application form to go through KYC due diligence. User will be asked to provide the following information: Country, Personal, Contact, Address, Identification document and answer knowledge based authentication questions.

  1. Collect Information: user to provide information to perform KYC 

2. Each section will validate information format, and user will be able to move forward once information is valid. 

3. If subscribed to 4D ID plan, a ID Verification section will be displayed, where users will need to select document type along with document issuing country, like so:

After Selecting document type user will be able to upload via desktop as a file or via mobile cellphone by using the phone camera. 

The plugin will check for a valid image that is not cropped or contains flares or glares.

Once all the information has been inputed by user, you can decided to show a message or redirect to a new page depending on the KYC result.

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