To pre-fill the fields of the KYC Plugin form, the data is sent using a GET method query string parameter called "data" with the value encoded in base 64.

STEP 1) Create the data value

The value that will be added to data query string parameter, is the string with the values for autocompleting the form.


   string = "dob_day=04&&dob_month=04&&dob_year=1989"

Note: Data with your name and value separated by the symbol &&

Attribute table

STEP 2) Converting string to base 64 

The generated string must be encoded in Base64


encoded_string = base64.b64encode(string)


STEP 3) Creating URL 

Add the parameter 'data' with the value in base64 to the url of the form


Note: Please remember to replace the form id in the viewform URL

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