For mapping a custom user ID with the transaction ID that the plugin returns, we provide an option for supporting that scenario, by following the steps below you will be able to enable this ID mapping.

1. Pass custom User ID to form

On the form URL you'll need to append the user_id parameter to the url indicating the custom user ID you wish to map the result to.

Let's say you are loading the form via iframe:


<!-- Regular form URL -->
<iframe src=""></iframe>

<!-- Form URL with user ID -->
<iframe src=""></iframe>
<!-- Replace CUSTOM_UID with your system user identifier -->

2. Receive custom User ID

Once the user submits the KYC form, then the response (see Implementation for details on response format) will contain an extra parameter called the user_id, with this parameter and the tid that also comes in the response you'll be able to map IdentityMind KYC transactions to your users.

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