You can adjust form behavior depending on your business case by going to the Form List View and clicking the gear icon.

General Settings

On this section you can modify general form attributes.


This section is specific if you need GDPR capabilities on your KYC process.

Document Verification

This section will modify behavior on document verification.

On Required ID Country List: you need to escape character like backslashes

Analysis on cryptocurrency address will only be performed if user selects a Bitcoin address.

Required back of the ID country list setting will ask users to enter back of ID, this applies to all document types except Passport.

Also for asking ID number of all countries you can add the Complete ID Country list, please note that this will accept any format as valid, for setting up ID validation regex, please refer to the required_id_country_list config field in Step 6 of this documentation. (ID validation is only available from 2ID tier onwards)

Countries Configuration

This section if for allowing from what countries you'll accept users from.

Collect Address Information

UI Messages

Here you can modify the messages that users gets once you get a result from the KYC application.

Note: Messages will be overridden if redirect URLs are configured on the Result Flowsection below.

Embedding form in Web Page

Here you can enable if you wish to embed the form into your website via an iframe.

Result Flow

This settings will modify were users will be redirected depending on the result of the KYC application.

Custom CSS

You can check a detailed guide on How to use a custom CSS

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