Plugins are feature rich allowing you to quickly embed the KYC form in your website and have a complete KYC process up and running in a matter of minutes.

High-level features includes:

  • SAFT Compliance
  • Automated, risk-based KYC
  • Regulation pre-configured by country
  • Validate contributors worldwide
  • 30+ data services, one API
  • Conduct enhanced due-diligence
  • Real time risk scoring using machine learning
  • Velocity analysis to prevent illegal behavior
  • Source of funds risk scoring prevents contributors that will bring regulator attention
  • Easily manual review suspicious transactions
  • Prebuilt reports for regulators
  • Queue management

Form Builder

KYC Form Builder - customize by drag and drop, no coding needed


Device-Responsive KYC form - optimized for all devices

Embed KYC form - into your web pages

Collecting Right Data

Risk Based Approach - perform level of due diligence based on risk of the user

Global KYC Support - form optimized to collect necessary info per Country

Field Validation - get right information the first time

File Upload - easily collect documents for EDD

Save and Resume - allow applicant to save the form and return later

Decisioning (Approve, Review, Decline)

Packaged KYC Risk Rules - adjust pre-configured KYC rules per your compliance needs

Risk and Compliance Portal - integrated with IDM Portal for reviewing applications


Advanced Reporting - reporting on applications and KYC decisions


Flexible Pricing - pricing based on volume and level of due diligence

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