We have made it very simple for you to get started. This quick start guide will walk you through the necessary steps to start accessing the plugins.

1) Create an Account

You can create a new account by clicking on "Get Started Free" button in the navigation bar. This account will give you access to the developer portal which will allow you to access plugins for free and ability to subscribe to the plugins for production use.

Step by Step Instructions: Account Creation

2) Access to Plugins

You can access the plugins from the developer portal left hand side navigation bar. Each plugin has Free Tier and Paid Tiers allowing you to test, embedded within your website and when ready, subscribe to the paid plans.

Step by Step Instructions: Access to Plugins

3) Using Test Site

Each plugin has a test site allowing you to setup, customize and embed plugin within your website. Test sites are integrated with sandbox environments to experience the integration effort and customization capabilities.

Step by Step Instructions: Using Test Site

4) Subscribe, Configure and Go Live

After you're satisfied with the plugin, you can select the paid plan and subscribe to the plugin. After success subscription, you can use your plugin in a production environment for real customers.

Step by Step Instructions: Using Paid Tiers

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