Acuant GO plugin is an online application form to on-board customers and perform KYC due-diligence.

The plugin provides you with an automated customer onboarding process supported by a global online identity verification service that allows you to verify customer data using multiple KYC onboarding tests, build and risk score digital identities to ensure AML compliance, combined with new account fraud prevention.

Onboard Good Customers

Show your best customers the fast lane and provide additional checks for unknown individuals. The plugin is integrated with Acuant Compliance Platform which has an ecosystem of 25+ providers to validate user information. The plugin is also connected to Acuant Digital Identity Network, which is a powerful source to check whether a user has been seen in the network and use their eDNA reputation for identity risk assessment.

Reduce Risk

Identify the good guys you want to do business with and bad guys you want to avoid. Acuant eDNA engine assembles digital identities for each entity you want to do business with. Using graph intelligence Acuant creates a reputation score that allows you to assess the amount of risk you are willing to take on as part of the KYC decisioning process.

Due Diligence

The plugin allows you to chose level of due diligence you would like to perform on your users by selecting appropriate Tiers. Clients can either apply same level of due diligence to all their users or use risk based approach and apply appropriate level of due diligence based on their compliance requirements.

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